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PT Hadjigeorgiou Co Ltd, a family owned company, was founded in 1992 with main activities the importation and distribution of pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

Our company has established long standing and successful partnerships with a considerable number of multinational organizations which are all leaders in their respective fields.

It possesses a well-diversified product portfolio of medicinal products and medical devices spanning a variety of health care professional specialties and distribution channels (pharmacy, hospital, clinics).

The quest for future growth is driving the ownership and personnel of the company to actively search for new opportunities by identifying and investing in new partnerships and business ventures. With the highest standard in mind, we select, train and support our people in the best possible ways to ensure that the services we offer to our business partners are of the highest quality.

The company is ISO 9001:2015, GDP and GMP certified. Our repackaging facility gives us flexibility to perform secondary relabelling for pharmaceutical products which provides flexibility to import small quantities to enable smoother collaboration for the Cyprus market in cases where it is prohibiting to import a whole batch.

Our dedication and hard work to grow the company as well as discipline during all these years is translated into solid and successful financial results as well as new collaborations in new business segments. True to our mission and values, PT Hadjigeorgiou is looking into the future with optimism and determination to further establish its presence and success in the Cyprus market.










The whole operation of the company is governed by the principles set out in the Quality Management System. The system is based on the requirements and specifications defined by the International Standard ISO 9001: 2015, as well as the requirements laid down by the relevant legislation and guidelines concerning GDP, GMP, the Company and its activities

The scope of the system is:

- Import, secondary packaging, storage, handling and distribution of medicinal products, food supplements, medical devices and cosmetics.

We, the management and personnel of P.T.HADJIGEORGIOU CO LTD, have clearly identified and committed to continually strive to achieve, maintain and improve

The satisfaction of our customers and other stakeholders

Improving the quality of services provided and customer service

The quality of the products we offer to our customers

The competitiveness of our company. The satisfaction of our employees.

Our aim is to improve the performance of the organization and constantly upgrade quality of products and services and always aimed at customer satisfaction. Our philosophy is to ensure customer satisfaction by offering quality products and quality services.

For the successful implementation of this policy:

  • We clearly define standards of our services offered and apply the relevant procedures at all levels.
  • We take actions to handle threats and opportunities
  • We take actions to understand the scope of the Organization Functional Framework.
  • We apply and continuously improve the Quality Management System of products and services so as to fully comply with the relevant standards and requirements of our customers and other interesting parts.
  • We set and implement higher quality targets. with mechanisms that are reviewed on a yearly basis
  • We are modernizing on the basis of the needs of the time to meet the needs of our customers.
  • In recognition of the fact that success is a result of the quality of our human and material resources, we train our personnel and have strict criteria of choice of suppliers and products.
  • We monitor the changes of Law and Regulatory Requirements with issues related to quality of service and security products which are committed to each case that complies with it.
  • We undertake in any case to fully comply with the standards and obligations arising from national and international legal provisions.
  • We proceed to a systematic collection, analysis and assessment of requirements, expectations and customer suggestions and we are in constant communication with all customers, Authorities and suppliers for the right improvement.

Based on specialization, long experience , the resources of the company , but also the practical commitment to satisfy all of its customers , the management and personnel of P.T.HADJIGEORGIOU CO LTD aspire to a stable business growth and increased of market share.

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Panicos Hadjigeorgiou

Limassol, March 2023